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Belstaff AW2015 – Make-up by Maria Comparetto

My third show of the London Fashion week AW2015 season was BelstaffScreen Shot 2015-03-01 at 15.57.17

In fact it was a presentation which makes it much more important as the guests get up close to the models so have lots of time to inspect the clothes and have a good, close look at the hair and makeup..

The location was a very grand decayed building on Clerkenwell green. The entrance hall with central staircase and show space were adorned with white parachutes hanging from the high ceilings and as if the models (expertly cast by Ben Grimes) had jumped out of a plane, the models looked almost statuesque standing on their plinths. Inca Productions produced the show and made sure that the set/lighting and catering was top knotch as ever.

The inspiration for the collection was ‘free spirit’ especially the 1930s female aviator and pioneer Amelia Earhart.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 15.57.06

The collection was very cool with all the Belstaff elements you would imagine using lots of leather and layering beautifully put together and styled by the talented Caroline Newell.

Neil Moodie’s vision for the hair was very windswept free and off the face to made the girls look strong and heroic.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 15.57.34

Maria and Neil at work



Sunday Riley Skincare sponsored this show and the products were shipped to me from New York (in the nick of time due to bad weather in New York) but boy were they worth the last minute stress! Sunday Riley are at the forefront of bio technology, the products can be mixed and layered and used in so many ways making this range very versatile whilst achieving remarkable results at the same time.



Skin prep: For me this is crucial having trained as a beauty therapist and understanding skin. It is essential the models were cleansed, massaged and moisturised before makeup allowing the skin to gleam and have a  healthy glow

Sunday Riley Flash Facials:
1- cleanse with Ceramic Slip
2- A mask of Ceramic Slip and Good Genes was applied to balance skin, shrink pores, brighten and boost circulation.start_over_02_1
3- A few drops of either Juno or Artemis oil massaged into the skin.
4-Finishing off with Start Over on the eyes to reduce puffiness and correct dark circles.

The Look. 

Sunday Riley Effortless Primer was applied as a base

Belstaff Presentation. London Fashion Week Fall Collection 2015.To add depth and a ruddy windswept element we used a rose/ brick cheek tint applied just under the eyes to the front of the cheek, I used a selection of brown pencils on the eyes to deepen them then created freckles with the same pencils on all the girls.  Brows were Defined & brushed up and the lashes were curled to open up the eyes. Mattifier was used on the lip to dull down the shine and the finishing touch was to add highlights to the face by applying a final glaze of Artemis oil to temples and cheek bones.

Result: The models looked strong, radiant, fresh & healthy

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Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 15.57.28 Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 15.57.44Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 15.57.53Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 15.57.22









Maria Comparetto – Hardy Amies AW2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 14.55.33


Maria Comparetto headed the team for the Hardy Amies Mens’ Show AW15. Here, she explains the look:





Inspiration: ‘The gentlemen Mountaineer: A Beautifully Rugged Windswept man.’


‘Snowdon’ by Wandsworth

‘This small adventure, In that wild place and the dead of night, On we wound, With forehead bent Earthward, As in opposition set against an enemy, With eager pace, and no less thoughts.

The show began with a short film to transport us to the summit of Mount Snowdon. Go to Instagram @joppe.rog to see the directors peek of the film.



The Skin was cleansed with Sisley Eau Efficace


Then massaged with Balance Me face balm then tissued off

A la carte Rose Dew primer was used @alacartelondon followed by a very light base to uniform all the men’s skin tone and give them a hint of base colour: Giorgio Armani Maestro Mediterrenean liquid in summer

hardy4The under eye area was intentionally left bare to emphasize the natural occurring shadows

Areas of the Skin were then made to look bronzed and windswept using a large brush on apples of cheeks, the nose and forehead using Giorgio Armani maestro fusion blush. Light freckles were added on cheeks & nose,to give an additional weathered texture to the skin using a selection of Chanel brow pencils

Brows were brushed up and out using NARS brow set @narsissist and then enhanced using the Chanel brow sculpting pencils again.


Lips were stripped of their natural colour, then matted down with Secret Finish for lips @lauramercier

hardy7For final touches. I used a touch of madina colourless chrystal glass powder in the line up… job done!

I was so pleased with this show as the men looked like men! Beautifully sculpted and enhanced in all the right places..

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 14.55.26 See the show here.

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Daks SS2015 – Make-up by Maria Comparetto

Maria Comparetto headed up the make-up team for the Daks 2015 show sponsored by MAC. Here, she explains the look.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 14.33.48

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 14.33.34

Maria at work

The look for the Daks London show was inspired by Grace Kelly, the skin was super dewy as if she were walking in the rain… The clothes were elegant and the palette was light and metallic. Filipppo, the designer wanted the girls to look ethereal yet chic.
What I used:
Pre base. MAC Careblend oil then a light layer of MAC Mineralize moisture foundation
Lightscapade mineralize skinfinish to highlight temples and jawline.
I really loved using the new Eye palette (humble) for contour the cheeks
Blended ‘Phone number’ kohl pencil to outline and define the eyes sweeping up & outwards.
I applied a micro fine black liquid line on outer corners to elongate the eye shape.
To finish off Pearl varnish Eye gloss was dabbed in the inner corner of the eyes to give the illusion of a wet lid.
These were androgynous, filled in and brushed up with mac brow set
New Sakura lip glass just on cupids bow
Line up:
Strobe cream mixed with Careblend essential oil to highlight cheekbones décolletage shins & arms. Invisible powder down the centre.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 14.35.34 Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 14.35.26

1205 LFW SS2015 Show – Make-up by Maria Comparetto

The inspiration for the makeup for the 1205 show styled by Jane Howard sponsored by Balance Me was ‘Purity & Nature’ inspired by the designers clean simple and androgynous designs. I set out to create something that was truly beautiful and not just skin deep.

image[2] copyFor 1205 I took a more holistic approach to my makeup and gave each girl an uplifting & invigorating mini Balance Me facial before the show.

image copy

I started by spraying the Skin with Balance Me Bright Hydrating Face Mist, Then I massaged the face using Balance Me Radiance Face Oil then I re-spritzed the face using the face mist. A light layer of Balancing Face Moisturiser was then applied and the exces was then blotted off with a tissue. Any Uneven skin tone was then addressed using a cream concealer & brightening pens.

Untitled 3 copy 3


Brows were defined and brushed upwards with a setting gel. Clear mascara gave the lashes definition and opened up the eyes. A light dab of Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve was used to highlight the cupids bow. Using a taupe cream colour I contoured the cheeks & to complete the look, the Radiance Face Oil was mixed with MAC Strobe Cream and applied to the cheekbones and temples.Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 13.30.05

Shoulders, arms, legs & collar bones were all highlighted in the same way but by mixing the strobe with the Super Moisturising Body instead.

The essential oils in the products created an amazing skin which was gleaming, translucent and thanks to the scents, the backstage vibe was relaxed.

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