A Tweak is As Good as a Rest – Beauty Tips for the New Year

The old adage says that a change is as good as a rest and articles and adverts everywhere encourage us in January to fully detox and find for the New Year a ‘New You’. After all the fun, expense and pressure of Christmas this might be a good idea but can be confusing and even stressful to have another thing to think about! The artists at Emma Davies point out slight tweaks you can make here and there to your beauty regime or one or two good investments for your make-up bag which are all that are needed to make all the difference.
Use your gifts: if you’ve received toiletries for Christmas, use them! Toiletries do have a shelf life so use them while they’re at their best. If they are not what you would usually like or use check with a friend and swap
Get a Glow: massage your face for a minute or two every morning and evening before cleansing. Not only will this help loosen grime and make-up but will improve circulation, decrease puffiness and refine your jawline.
Moisturise: a mistake that many of us make with our moisturiser is to only apply it once in the morning and once at night. Try a couple of applications instead – (before and after you clean your teeth for example) to get more benefit, especially when facing the colder weather.
Ruth Funnell suggests using a serum such as Chanel Sublimage Serum to give an extra boost to your moisturiser whilst skin may be dehydrated from the drastic changes in temperature. She also recommends a good face mask such as Sisley Radiant Glow Red Clay mask to help ‘slough away dead cells so the cream can work more efficiently’.
Exfoliate: not just your face! Having beautiful skin all over your body is the perfect way to feel good about yourself.

Don’t forget your hands: Ruth recommends indulging in a good hand cream like Sisley‘s award winning Sisleya.
Start thinking about summer: start preparing your feet for the summer by smothering them in Vaseline or any moisturiser and wearing cotton socks over night. Not only will these help your feet become baby soft but will keep your feet warm during the coldest months of the year. Start using Andrea Fulerton’s Nail Boutique Cute-Icles Love Oil now (and on your hands) so they’re ready for the summer!
After the ravages of the cold winds, snow and drying effects of central heating, Ayo Laguda suggests using a hair treatment such as Michael Van Clarke’s 3 more inches. The treatment can even be left on overnight and/or for a cosy evening in.
Clean your gear: wash out your make-up bag (pop it in the washing machine) or even throw it out and use the new one you got for Christmas! Wipe over your make-up containers and wash your brushes. Be ruthless and throw out old products, the smell is often a give away; especially with mascaras, and also sometimes the fact that you can’t read what the product actually is anymore!
Ayo points out not to forget your hairbrushes… Using a comb, clean the old hair from the brushes and put all of them (including the combs) in a basin of hot water (and a spot of shampoo). Use a nail brush to make them good as new.
The space in your make-up bag  will make room for a couple of perfect pick me ups.

Maria Comparetto‘s product of the moment is  Liz Earle’s Sheer Gold Shimmer  to softly illuminate skin for a pick me up during the darker months.

Eli Wakamatsu suggests making the most of the shiny and bold colours available right now. Keeping the rest of the face simple… the  purchase of one strong colour on the lips and/or nails such as Dior’s Black Lame Lip Gloss or Top Shop’s Lip gloss in Sheer Purple (both seen here) can be the perfect tweak for a new look for the new year.

Happy New Year!