GIORGIO ARMANI "One night only in Beijing" – by Maria Comparetto

With fellow make-up artist Rafael Pita

31st May 2012

1 week in Beijing! 2 days makeup fittings, 1-day rehearsal, and then the show!

195 models Total (60 male models/ 135 girls) including lots of new and exciting Asian girls with the most Amazing skin!

Linda Cantello heads the team…organisation is key and a solid team is paramount. Signor Armani is meticulous about detail and has to over see everything. Speaking Italian is a bonus as I am able to translate and convey to Linda what Mr Armani is feeling for the makeup“look” for the show.

The fittings go really well and we have decided on 2 looks for the show. The show is divided into 3 categories, Emporio/Giorgio and prive (couture) running time approx 30 mins it will be circular runway and the different sections will be blending into one another. Finishing with a live performance from Mary J Blige.

The atmosphere is electric back stage and we are all being filmed for a live “backstage stream!” no pressure!. Everything is very organised and models are given name tags showing which is their section so everyone is on the same page.

Call time is midday and the show doesn’t start until 9pm, longest call time ever! But needed as so much to do. As we had already done our makeup demonstrations the day before the team was primed and ready to go! Including the GA face designers we are a  30 strong team of makeup artists and ready for action!.

Emporio & Prive look.

This look was very technical!

Very graphic eyeliner along the lash line, which had to be, applied at just the right angle & thickness! We had been out the previous day to source a product that would not smudge and would stay put for the long wait before the show. False eyelashes, which we also sourced, were also applied which exaggerated the lash line. Beneath the eye a less graphic & smokier line was added which had sections removed in the centre and the outer corner of the eye

A light lip balm was applied & no contouring necessary.

Giorgio Armani Look

This look was organic

Light shadows were applied to the eye area, almost emulating a western socket without it looking like makeup but more abstract. This wash was taken around the outside of the eye and down too the lower lashes a little black kohl pencil was also added to the inside of the corner of the eye to give depth. No masara, or contouring was needed & little if any lip balm was added.

Beijing /China is where it was at..the buzz is astounding and everyone was ready for this Armani extravaganza, including Tina Turner and so many other VIP guests. The stage becomes alive with a Beijing moving skyline projected onto it & the occasional garment detail or close up beauty shot for all to see. The haunting then thumping music starts and the models stride out in all their glory, things come to an end with a statuesque style traditional dance with a model wearing a green dragon gown. Mr Armani takes his bow…What an amazing thing to be a part of. Now Lets Party!!

See it for yourself on youtube or facebook/Armani.and let me know what you think?