Maria Comparetto at ‘One Night Only in Paris’ for Giorgio Armani


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‘Palais de Tokyo’


Paris 21st January 2014

9.17am on the Eurostar and a beautiful bright morning, Paris bound to work with Linda Cantello on ‘One Night Only’ for Giorgio Armani. The call time was 3.30pm so I had plenty of time…..

9.40am Ebbsfleet International :the train has a technical fault we have to go back to Kings Cross St Pancreas… hmmmm

10.30 am leave London once again…sun still shining…

2:40pm Finally get to Paris. Go straight to the show!

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Matisse style abstract sketches all around of the make-up by Linda; a charcoal smokey eye.

Even though the look seems quite simple there is lots of layering of products to achieve a very nomadic, mysterious, moorish feel to the makeup


Here’s the step by step.


Step 1:  Skin :

  • BB cream, high precision or maestro foundation. No powder.

Step 2:  Eyes:

  • Black pencil on lash line in inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eye.
  • Blend to a shadow cover with new Armani ‘eye lacquer’ in a slurry grey.
  • Layer with a darker shade.
  • Keeping the shape, sweep outward and not upward toward the ear.
  • Take the colour to the lower lashes but only on the outer corner followed by a thin smudged liquid line.
  • Curl lashes and apply mascara on top (eyes to kill).
  • Lots of Armani No. 4 Kohl Pencil top and bottom.

Step 3: Brows:

  • Keeping them angular but not too heavy, shade in the brows and sweep out to complement the shadow

Step 4: Cheeks:

  • Use a taupe Armani pencil to sculpt the cheek bone and blend with warm fingers.

Step 5: Finish:

  • A light wash of base on the lip then powder.

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 The models stand in line as Anna Wintour is taken back stage to take a close look at the gowns; embellished beautiful and beaded as always. It was like watching the queen doing a meet and greet!

Everyone takes their seats and the show begins.unlike the past ‘one night only’ events, the fun stops here for me as the guests are invited to an intimate supper for approx 150 people.

A quick glass of champagne to commemerate this prestigious event with fellow team members and it’s time for bed!

Secretly I can’t wait to go back to my ‘Marilyn Monroe themed hotel (!!! With my circular bed, red illuminated shower and lipstick loo. Someone should tell them the wall paper is upside down!

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