M∙A∙C Pigment Colour – A Versatile pot of Magic

One of the best and most versatile beauty buys I have made in the last (yikes) two decades has got to be the M∙A∙C Pigment Colour in ‘Frost’.
Twelve years ago a make-up artist recommended I make the purchase and I wondered what on earth I would do with it. Now I wonder what I would do with out it!
The official brief from M∙A∙C is that pigment is ‘a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin’ and M∙A∙C claims that you can use it ‘to create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect’. They also say that it ‘does not streak or cake, is easy to blend and long-lasting.’
Unlike a lot of press releases or product descriptions, this is actually 100% true (and more and I don’t even have the latest refined version)…
I (speaking as a non professional) have had the following uses of it and can make the following tried and tested claims:
1.    With a little bit of moisturiser to wake up the skin on the face and body (and no, you don’t end up looking like a Twilight vampire in the sun – but could do if you wanted to). A perfect primer.
2.    A little added to tinted moisturiser or foundation to make me look like I’ve had a few more hours sleep than I have.
3.    As a highlighter.
4.    As a full on fancy dress disco glitter silver eyeshadow.
5.    As a subtle addition to a daytime eyeshadow.
6.    A little more to change a daytime look for evening.
7.    To soften a smokey eye when I’ve overdone it.
8.    A teeny amount with a little lipsalve (over lipstick and not).
9.    On the shoulders and décolleté for a bit of party shimmer.
10.  VAT returns (obviously joking but I wouldn’t be surprised – it does everything else and will certainly make you feel nicer as you get it done)
To give a professional view, I asked Maria Comparetto for her comments and she said that “Pigments are the most versatile product on the market today…” She suggests choosing the ‘correct mixing medium and create an array of effects from eyeliner with maximum lasting power to the most intense body paint’ (as seen in the image). She added “For whatever occasion and effect there is a pigment for you even used straight from the pot. I  love M∙A∙C pigmets as they turn even the most inexperienced of makeup artists into a professional.”
Vanilla Pigment
It blends beautifully and it’s very easy to manage. However, my little pot of magic is coming to an end and unfortunately the exact shade I have doesn’t exist any more but apparently the closest is the Frozen White Pigment RRP: £15.50 (with blue duochrome) or the Vanilla Pigment with a pearlescent finish will be a good substitute. Price per wear it has been the best value I have ever spent on a product so I’m going to try both.

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